Liberate your email

Lemon is a world's first encrypted and decentralized e-mail service. Nobody, except you, not even our engineers - can access your data. Take care of your privacy at the price of one pizza a month.

Looking for a straightforward, easy as 1-2-3 secure webmail?

Web & Mobile client

80% decentralized

Lemon Email is a bulletproof email service for sending all kinds of emails from regular to fully secure, private and decentralized ones. You can manage your secure and regular emails through our private and regular webmail, mobile app for fully private messages or using SMTP/IMAP with any email app, whichever you may like.

Ethereum, IPFS… rings a bell? This is definitely for you!

Serverless Email

100% decentralized

Lemon Email DApp is a completely decentralized version of Lemon Email.
Functioning as a stand-alone version of Lemon Email, the DApp consist entirely of front-end Javascript code that interacts with an Ethereum contract that serves as a back-end.

Email built for humans


Beautifully designed, clutter and ads free

Not only does Lemon Email not have any ads - we don’t have a clue what you're writing about. Your emails are yours and nobody else's.


Totally secure and fully anonymous, on demand

Use Lemon Email for all your emails, both totally private ones and also fire&forget, not so important, ones.


Easy to use, both for families and companies

Whether you are an individual, a family or a big company, Lemon Email will be easy to use.

Your privacy is our top priority

End-to-End Encryption

Your data is protected with asymmetric, also known as public key cryptography. The way it works is that the passphrase you use to unlock your emails is not saved anywhere / on our server and therefore even our engineers cannot read your emails. (Don't forget your passphrase!)

Powered by Ethereum and IPFS

We use Ethereum & IPFS decentralized platforms so your emails are totally resilient. Your emails are safe in pretty much any scenario you can imagine, from natural disaster to alien invasion.

Additional Privacy Layer

When emailing people that are outside of Lemon Email service, we have additional security layer so that third party email services cannot read or decrypt your emails.

Lemon in your pocket

Lemon Email's secure mobile app enables you to send 100% private emails from your phone regardless of the receiver’s email service. Also you can play crypto crash games on your phone. Only you and the receiver will ever see the emails that you exchange.